Drag yourself out of that comfort zone and HIIT it!

For many people, starting a healthy lifestyle is a struggle. Even following the simplest workouts and nutrition plans will seem hard. However, with consistency, these things will become a natural thing to do.

As your body starts adapting, you will find that harder workouts are easier to tackle. This is a sign to nudge things up. Many people fall into the trap of mastering a single workout until they can do this without any problem (a light jog on the treadmill anyone?). However, if you continuously do the same activities with the same intensities, you will eventually reach a plateau and your body will not improve any further. This is because your body adapts to a new stress, and only improves when it’s pushed out of your comfort zone.

One simple question to ask yourself to see if you are in your comfort zone is “can you do more?”. If you are continuously doing that light jog on the treadmill, increase your speed, or hit the road. Increase the weight you lift, or even spice things up with new exercises. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions are great workouts to push yourself to your limit. These workouts will push you towards not only lifting heavier weights but you will also be doing more repetitions at a faster pace. You are pushing yourself to the very limit of time intervals. In just 30 minutes, you will burn more calories than a less-intense and longer workout, making it more effective to lose weight and the ideal workout for people strapped for time. With HIIT workouts, you will also feel more energetic and confident.

So, get off that comfort zone and intensify the ride to a healthier you.

Darren Bezzina

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