How a fitness club in Malta is revolutionising the fitness industry!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Fitness classes have become very popular during the last decades as different people seek fun and innovative ways to increase their fitness. Popular classes such as circuits, HIIT, spinning, pilates, Zumba and yoga have become pioneers as the benefits of such classes are well documented. However, a fitness club in Malta is pushing for that next level.

Fitness Challenge, as the name suggests, has one goal - to challenge the level of fitness of each participant joining their classes. Their classes are intensive, sweaty but extremely rewarding and fun. Not only will you burn fat, but you will also feel amazing energy, become empowered, improve your mood, sleep better, bond with others, have fun and also improve your health and fitness.

With a degree in sports and exercise science (and currently studying for a masters in strength and conditioning), coach Darren Bezzina will leave no stone unturned and all his classes are based on the latest scientific research. There will be no fads or quick fixes (that will do more harm than good). All training is instead based on research and hard work. Through her experience gained from yoga, coach Deanna Camilleri will finish all workouts with a liberating stretching routine that will make you feel younger than ever before!

The club opened its doors back in 2014, and these are some of the fitness classes that have made Fitness Challenge distinguished from other classes.

1) Athletic HIIT

Train like an athlete as we target various fitness and skill components including speed, agility, balance, coordination, reaction, strength, power, flexibility, endurance, and body composition. Guaranteed to leave you breathless!  

2) Strength and Conditioning Circuit

This class uses different equipment such as barbells, power bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells to ensure the best possible strength and conditioning class! The goal of this class is to get that lean body that everyone desires! 

3) Body Pump

This circuit class uses free weights such as kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells for both cardio and muscular exercises. The goal of this class is to burn as many calories as possible whilst also working on getting a lean body.

4) Kettlebell Class

This class is for those that want to get stronger and leaner. With a vast array of kettlebells available, this class will challenge you to your maximum, whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete.

5) Disco HIIT

This class combines the party atmosphere of a Disco and the intensive HIIT classes! This class is Intense, Fun and Mood Boosting. It is not an easy one, but you can work at your own pace.

6) Combat Class

This is the latest creation. You will kick and punch your way to a new level of fitness!


The wide variety of exercises during these classes will target every single muscle of your body. Classes are held in Gudja. For more information, you can send us an email on or send us a message on our Facebook page:

Thanks for reading and as always, stay fit!

Coach DB

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