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Ricotta Wrap

Ricotta Wrap

Do you feel like a fast snack or lunch? This wrap can easily be done in a few minutes!

All you need is:

-2 wholemeal wraps (or any other wrap to your liking)

-250 grams of fresh ricotta 

-Turkey Ham (or any other ham to your liking)

- A closed grill or closed toaster


Heat one wrap alone in a closed toaster for 2 mins on each side, until golden brown (or depending the heat temperature), spread the ricotta on the wrap, add the ham and place the other wrap on top. Heat it again for another 1/2 mins. The result is a healthy, tasteful wrap.


-You can add on the side a side salad.

-You can add anything else you flavour inside the wrap

-You can put the ingredients on one side and fold the wrap (instead of using two)

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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