The Scientific Revolution. The Rise of Sports and Exercise Science

Updated: Jun 4

The Scientific Revolution. The Rise of Sports and Exercise Science

The scientific research on sports training has exploded over the past two decades. Athletes have become multimillion-dollar investments, and an injury or poor performance can lead to catastrophic financial consequences. Athletes have to always be in peak condition. Their health, nutrition, training, psychology, and mindset are continuously being monitored by professionals. Big clubs also invest thousands of dollars in new technology such as high-motion video cameras, heart rate monitors, and GPS. This effort is all to achieve peak performance.

Sports science is there to help athletes prepare for competition. The fundamentals and latest scientific research can help you achieve top performance. Through research, you can find out what works and what does not. It is not a coincidence that performance at an elite level is increasing. Records that stood for years are now being broken. Athletes are prolonging their careers. Sports Science has played a huge part in this development.

Athletes still need to stay healthy. They still succumb to illnesses, diseases, and injuries. Being healthy can be the difference between success and failure and thus we must start there. You still need to work hard for success, but this cannot be done if you are not healthy.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from doing scientific research. Even recreational athletes or fitness enthusiasts can find beneficial information. Ultimately the goal is the same, to reach a new level of performance! These blogs will help present the latest scientific research in a way that is easy to read for everybody. These blogs can also help inspiring coaches and even elite ones to add new knowledge to their library!

Thanks for reading, and as always stay fit!

Coach Darren

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