Why you should not start the new year without a training buddy

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It’s that time of the year where new year’s resolutions are made. Every year millions of people vow to make that extra effort to start getting in shape and every year millions of people end up in the same (or even worse) situation they started in. This is why you can’t go into your fitness journey alone. The chances are that you will switch off the alarm and go back to bed as soon as you wake up for that morning workout. Not unless you have someone waiting for you!

Finding a dedicated workout buddy is truly an amazing thing. Workout buddies usually turn into best friends. This is because both share the same goals, to become a better human being. You will spend hours per week together, sweating and pushing each other to new versions of you. Workout buddies will see you at your very best and also at your very worst. They will be there for you every step of the way. Having a workout buddy is truly a magical thing.

Workout buddies might pop up from nowhere. They can be your friends, partner, colleagues, child, or even your dog. Do not be afraid to ask people to train together. It might also be the inspiration others need to start training. If you are still finding it hard to find a workout buddy, considering joining a club or class. You will meet plenty of new workout buddies!

On behalf of everyone at Fitness Challenge, I wish everyone a happy new year!

Darren Bezzina

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